2nd Agency

A ménage à trois between data analysis, marketing, and classical rhetoric

This unique mix has proven to be a potent tool for search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and conversion optimization.

We not only provide you with (a lot) more visitors from the search engines. More importantly, we also guide them all the way through your website to make sure that they convert to customers – anything else would be a waste of your money and our time.


Meet us and our super awesome partners

You guessed it: Husband and wife, yup.

We have been an item for 20+ years and worked together for almost as long.

We still haven’t decided on who’s the boss, though. Maybe it’s the kids in unison, really.

john cooley
Partner & advisor

I am a seasoned, data-driven, Danish Digital Award-winning marketer with about twenty years of experience in SEO, eCommerce optimisation, and Growth Hacking.


I have specialised in optimising the entire customer journey ‘from Google to Checkout’, covering disciplines such as SEO, Content Marketing, and Conversion Optimisation.

Partner & advisor

I specialize in online credibility and persuasion in search engines. I have extensive experience with SEO / SEM, conversion optimization and content marketing.


I am diligent and expertly skilled – and proud of both. I am a pragmatist by nature and passionate about rhetoric, best defined as the place between conviction and persuasion.

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Want to say hi or
have a cuppa?

We trust these people

We aren’t jack of all trades. 
We do some things particularly well, but we know better than to take on projects we cannot master.

For that reason – and because there are kind people hiding behind the logos – we have strategic partnerships with professionals who master their trade. Give them a ring.

Our pinky promise
to you

You don’t have to know it all. If you do, that’s fantastic, but if not, we will help you define and set objectives and KPIs for your digital marketing efforts.

We will be clear in our communication and carefully explain the stuff you don’t know. You will get clear and concise reports with as little tech speak as possible.

We are easy to get a hold on. Call us or send us a mail. We reply quickly and do our best to solve your problem as fast as we can. If for some reason we aren’t avaible for a short period of time, we will notify you well in advance and tell you have to reach us in case of a pressing issue.

We are working for you, not the other way round. If we need something from you, we will carefully explain what and how.

If you’re not happy, we go out of business. We obviously don’t want that to happen. We will regularly align on OKRs, meeting frequency, reporting and communication style.

We will never oversell or camouflage who works on your project. That is why we don’t use subcontractors but are open about our partners. We believe you need to know who actually does the work for you. If we aren’t a good match for your project, we will refer you to a partner or other skilled marketers. 



Hasselhøj 402
2990 Nivå, Denmark





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